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At 6 a.m., Prum Sambath, a 24-year-old worker at the Shen Zhou garment factory, sits outside the room that she shares with three other workers, in a housing district near the Vattanac Industrial Park, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on September 15, 2011. Prum Sambath has been working at the Shen Zhou factory since 2005. Every six months she receives a new short-term contract. “Before I could earn around US$150-$200 dollars, but now I earn less because there are more groups working in different buildings in the factory,” she said. Before there were only two buildings but now there are three or four buildings, and more workers, so the amount of work is less, she explained. “I earned only US$130 dollars last month,” she said. The small room that she rents with three other women costs US$40. Prum Sambath said that she spends around $50 dollars per month on her living expenses. “It depends on what kind of food I eat and how much I eat, so the money I spend depends on whether I eat less or more,” she said. “But my mother sends me rice from my home province. I also send some money home to support my family. The amount depends on how much I earn per month.” Prum Sambath has been married for three months, but has been separated from her husband for the majority of that time as he is working as a farmer in her home province. “I want to save some money but having a family is quite hard since I have to send money home to my parents,” she said. “I also give money to help my nephew pay for school.”