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VS, (pseudonym), an ethnic Tamil who is a survivor of torture at the hands of Sri Lankan security forces, poses for a photograph in London, the United Kingdom, October 15, 2012. VS has significant scarring on his back from beatings and when he was burned by Sri Lankan security authorities. He also has scarring from cigarette burns on his chest and arms. "The authorities were looking for me (because I had been in the LTTE) and I had problems with them. My uncle arranged an agent to help me leave the country. I went to India and from there I traveled to Europe. On the way, while we were transiting in a European country, I was caught by immigration officers. They found out that the passport I was trying to use was fake and they sent me back to Sri Lanka. At the airport (in Colombo) I was subjected to interrogation. However I had some money with me, so I managed to give the money to the immigration officers. I was allowed to leave the airport with the condition that I should go to the local police station and register myself. So I went to Vavuniya and tried to register myself with the local police. After that...people came to my house in a van and took me. I was blindfolded, and I was pushed into the van and taken to a building in a forest area. I was forced to work as an informer to identify LTTE members. Due to the unbearable torture I identified two or three members. I was taken back to the detention, tortured on a regular basis and finally I was forced to sign a document confessing that I was a member of the LTTE and that I continued to work for them. I was slapped and punched. I was beaten up. I was beat with electrical wires and beaten up with batons. My head was submerged into water. I was forced to lie down on a bench and beaten on the soles of my feet. I was burned with cigarettes all over my body. I was locked up in a small dark room where I found it difficult to breath. I was detained around four months." VS later escaped to the UK with the help of an agent.