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Sorn Sreynoun, a 30-year-old worker at the Shen Zhou garment factory, sits in her rented room, which she shares with her sister, her sister’s husband, and her nephew, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Sept 14, 2011. Sorn Sreynoun has been working at Shen Zhou since 2005. Every six months she receives a new short-term contract, but there is no increase in the fixed salary (US$61 per month). She says she can earn around US$120 per month with overtime. The room costs US$40 per month, but she says before the salary increase in October 2010, it was cheaper. “The price of the rented room always goes up when the fixed salary increases,” she said “It was US$30 before last October, then it went up to $35 and now it is $40 per month (after the rent was increased again a couple of months ago).” Sorn Sreynoun spends around $30 dollars on food per month, and gets rice from her mother in their home province. “The amount I spend depends on how much I eat and what kind of food. If I eat more delicious food, I will spend more.” She said “If I eat less, my health will not be good and I won’t be able to work properly. But if I eat more, I won’t have money.” She has a 9-year-old son (who she sends money to support) living with her mother in Prey Veng province. Previously she was married, but her husband died 6 years ago, which is why she decided to get a job at a factory. “Shen Zhou rarely has demonstrations because there are few problems. When we have problems, the workers will talk to our workers representative,” she said.