Sri Lanka: Tamil Torture & GBV Survivors

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YG (pseudonym), an ethnic Tamil who is a survivor of torture at the hands of Sri Lankan security forces, poses for a photograph in London, the United Kingdom, October 16, 2012. YG has significant scarring on his back from beatings and when he was burned by Sri Lankan security authorities. He also has scarring from cigarette burns on his chest. He is currently seeking asylum status in the United Kingdom. "I helped the LTTE when I was studying. When I was working in Vavuniya I was arrested on suspicion of being an LTTE member. I was detained for seven days and I was tortured badly during the detention. I was released on bail. I was scared to live in Vavuniya, so my family arranged for me to leave to Canada (with the help of an agent). On my way to Canada I was arrested in one of the African countries, and I was deported from there. When I landed in the (Colombo) airport I was detained at the airport by CID. I was taken to detention and detained for two months and I was tortured very badly. I was burned with cigarette butts, and I was beaten...with batons electrical wires. I was hung upside down with both of my hands tied together and I was beaten.  They used a petrol (soaked) bag to cover my face and I was suffocated. My uncle helped me to get out from the detention. He paid a bribe and I was allowed to escape from the detention. Then I went to the Vanni, to an LTTE-controlled area. While in the Vanni, I was forcibly recruited by the LTTE in 2008. I escaped from the LTTE and then I went to Vavuniya and then to Colombo. With the help of an agent, I came to the UK in the later part of 2010." YG's asylum case is still pending.